Mission and purpose

Purpose: Place the elegance of women above fashion and differences

Elegance comes from emotion; as such, it is cultural and makes us unique beings. As an emotion,
it unites us, because regardless of their style, every human being knows and lives this inner requirement that pushes them to distinguish themselves in their own way, whatever the current fashion. By affirming our uniqueness through our elegance, we accept our difference and therefore human diversity. That is why. Studio, without distinction of cultural origin, physical appearance, social class, gender, etc., is an accomplice of each woman who stands out and wants to be distinguished through her singularity so that emotionally, beyond differences, she experiences elegance. Given our current societal realities and through the democratization of elegance in women, Studio, in line with its convictions and actions, contributes to shaping a society in which inclusivity, tolerance and solidarity must become norms and not exceptions.

Mission: To make beyond the differences, each elegant woman from her singular personality

As a brand, our mission
flows naturally from our purpose. It consists of giving free rein to the originality and imagination of our human resources, to allow them to free themselves and even to dare to go beyond the codes so that in our stores are brought together all the ingredients that contribute to the elegance of women beyond differences.

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