About Us

STUDIO: free and beyond differences

Rachel OHAYON, young woman
visionary and free-spirited born in the 1980s, embodies elegance in everything it does. After having made many women shine during major ceremonies and galas, with her particular touch of elegance, she made women's elegance one of her fundamental motivations and decided to democratize it by defying the rules commonly accepted in the loan -to-wear feminine. It is this legitimate and daring vision that pushes her to reinvent the Studio brand and gives her as a founding act, to become an accomplice of the woman who distinguishes herself and wants to be distinguished by dressing her.

For Rachel OHAYON,

Studio must become a story of friendship, teamwork and a spirit of cooperation with its clients. To do this, it relies on five key principles and priorities: integrity, efficiency, learning, listening to customers and employees and finally constant improvement at all levels. Elegant, as determined as she is free-spirited, Rachel has the firm intention of preserving the relevance of the Studio brand and working to make it transgenerational and timeless.

STUDIO: free and beyond differences

Accomplice of the woman who stands out and wants to be distinguished, Studio accompanies her by promoting the expression of her personality. Each of our collections, each of our lines is expertly and carefully selected from brands renowned for their timeless elegance. With these choices and the competence of our human resources in constant training, our stores and our website become places where creativity and classicism of the big brands are carefully mixed to allow each woman to develop a personal style which, whatever the situation, gives confidence by its elegance.